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Place your bids and reach 500 points by playing the popular card game for free

Version: 1.1.22

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Mahjong Brain Games


Spades from 1C Wireless is an excellent version of the classic card game. The game is one of logic and skill, and it is packed with various AI characters that you can use to improve your skills. The controls are highly responsive, and the game includes a history function that makes it easy to keep track of your games.

Spades is possibly the most popular team-based card game in the world, and the goal of this version of the game, like many others, is to collect 500 points with your partner before the other team. You'll collect points by bidding at the start of each round, and your bids are based on how many hands or 'tricks' you feel you are likely to win. Both your bids and those of your partner constitute a 'contract' that you both try to reach during the game.

Since the goal is to fulfill the full contract and not each individual player's bids, it is highly possible that you might under or overestimate the number of tricks you'll win, but that will be compensated by your partner doing the same thing. If you and your partner collect the number of tricks that fulfill the entire contract, you'll gain 10 points for each trick in the contract. If you collect more tricks than your contract estimated, you'll receive a single point for each additional trick as well as an item called a 'bag'. If you collect 10 of these bags, your team will have to subtract 100 points from its total score.

When playing hands, any spade will automatically win the trick. If multiple spades are played, the highest spade wins. If you bid Nil and meet the bid, you'll be awarded 100 points. However, if you bid Nil and fail to reach that bid, you'll have 100 points deducted from your score.


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